Shipping and Payment

Payment method Price
Online platba kartou
Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro - eCard VÚB Online platba kartou
0 €
0 €
Wire transfer
we will send you bank account number after preparing your order
0 €
Cash on delivery
1,50 €
only in the store
0 €
Shipping method Delivery time Price
Pickup in-store
in Nitra, Slovakia
0 €
Delivery in Nitra
delivery to your address
within a day 2,50 €
Courier GLS
delivery by GLS
within a day 3,50 €
delivery to box by Packeta
1-2 days 2,90 €
Slovak Post
delivery to post office
1-2 days 3,60 €
Slovak Post
delivery to your address
1-2 days 4 €
Czech republic - Packeta
delivery to box by Packeta
do 2 dní 3,90 €
Czech republic - courier
delivery to your address
up to 3 days 6,90 €
Bulgaria / Hungary / Germany / Poland / Germany / Romania
up to 5 days 9 €
Other EU countries
up to 10 days 22 €
All other non-EU countries
up to 15 days 38 €

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speciality bookstore

from the large selection of available books, we select what we believe is the best

we have experience

we have been selling books for 33 years. Since 1990

we select the best

not only for our bookshop, but also the coffeeshop. Our products are mostly locally sourced and organic

we care for the needs of others

we have been employing people with disabilities since 2006

we are eco-friendly

we aim to recycle as much as we can, using recycled materials for the packaging of your online order, all of our single use utensils are compostable and we use eco-friendly cleaning products…

our prices are fair

we don’t strive to be the cheapest, but we offer discounts from retail prices and our antique books are priced competitively

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