Sell your books

We buy books, LPs, old postcards, maps or posters daily during our opening hours in the shop at Kupecka 8 in Nitra.
We suggest you call ahead of coming on +421 915 717 507to ensure the staff member in charge of acquiring books is available. You can bring the books in person, or email the list of items including the title and the author beforehand to We can then select the ones we are interested in purchasing. In the case of a large number of books (300+), we can also come to you and pick up the books ourselves. We pay for the books in cash. Prices are dependent on many factors including literary or collecting value, condition, etc. Your books will be priced and we will suggest you the cost of the purchase of each item.

Donate your books

If you own books you no longer need and you would like to donate them to, you can drop them off any day during our opening hours. The items should be clean and undamaged.

Your books will thus find a new home on somebody’s bookshelf and won’t end in landfills. Books that don’t make it onto our shelves will be displayed outside of our shop in our street display and will be offered either for a symbolic price or for free.


speciality bookstore

from the large selection of available books, we select what we believe is the best

we have experience

we have been selling books for 33 years. Since 1990

we select the best

not only for our bookshop, but also the coffeeshop. Our products are mostly locally sourced and organic

we care for the needs of others

we have been employing people with disabilities since 2006

we are eco-friendly

we aim to recycle as much as we can, using recycled materials for the packaging of your online order, all of our single use utensils are compostable and we use eco-friendly cleaning products…

our prices are fair

we don’t strive to be the cheapest, but we offer discounts from retail prices and our antique books are priced competitively

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